To sell your house fast at the right price is every seller’s objective, but how exactly do you speed up the sale of your home? The following advice and tips will ensure you sell your property as f ast as possible:

How to Find a Buyer Quickly
• Get the maximum advertising exposure: Make sure your property is marketed well to improve your chances of getting viewings.
• Use a decent estate agency rather than sell privately: The right estate agency will give you good advice and wide marketing exposure, and help you avoid the stigma of a private sale which discourages some potential buyers from making offers.
• Price your property attractively: With the wealth of property information now available online, buyers have an extremely good idea of what your property is worth. You cannot sell your property quickly if the initial price is too high.
• Choose the correct time of year to begin marketing: Buyers seem to prefer to take major decisions about moving house at the end of the school year or when a new year starts. Therefore, to sell faster, don’t start marketing your property in mid-winter (although you will have less competition).
• Use high-quality photos to create the right impression: This is the single best investment in time (if you do it yourself) or money (if you pay a
photographer) you can make to increase the number of viewing requests. More viewers mean more buyers.
• Make sure your property looks good on the outside and on the inside: If you do have things that need fixing, rather sort those out before the property is marketed. It is far easier to sell a home fast if it is in good shape and the buyers can just move in.
• How to Make the Post-sale Process Fast: The postsale period runs from the date you accept an offer from a buyer to the date the property is transferred into the buyer’s name. This legal process is managed by a conveyancer (a specialised property lawyer).
• Conditional versus Cash Offers: One way to shorten the post-sale period is to only accept cash (unconditional) offers from buyers. This would mean that you won’t have to wait to hear about your buyer’s bond application (the most common condition in an offer) before the process can continue. On the flipside, if you restrict yourself to cash-only offers then you may have to wait longer to receive such an offer.
• Choice of conveyancer: The other aspect of the post-sale process that is within your control is the choice of conveyance. As the seller, you can choose your conveyancer – even though the buyer pays the conveyancing costs – so choose wisely.

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