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Do you want to improve your appearance and overall wellness, but don’t know how? Do you want to exercise, but don’t have enough knowledge about fitness and nutrition. Do you want to join a gym, but feel self-conscious?

It can be seriously daunting to feel like the “odd exerciser out” at the gym but you can breathe a sigh of relief, because High Performance Fitness at Speedy Square in Klerksdorp can make your whole experience a total breeze.

The trainers at High Performance Fitness understand how intimidating a gym can be to new comers, and will help you overcome that fear. They are body transformation specialists, have many years’ experience and understand health, fitness, strength and physique. They guarantee results, if you follow their programmes. Every person at the gym is treated like a VIP and is their number 1 priority.

Henge Rautenbach, owner of this new gym, is passionate about health and training and is also a combat self-defence trainer. “When people exercise with us, they become like our family. We want them to succeed and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” says Henge. “Our members are at the heart of every decision we make. Whether it’s bringing generators on board to ensure your workout is never disrupted or including free workouts – we aim to make every workout at High Performance Fitness an awesome experience.”

High Performance Fitness offer:
• Group fitness classes
• Personal training
• Sport specific training
• Combat self-defence classes (starting soon)
• Goal setting
• Body transformation training
• Competition preparation
• Nutrition & supplement advice
• Personalized diet plans
• Prepared meals

This new facility in Klerksdorp is open to all who want to improve themselves physically and overall. Whether you are inexperienced and out of shape or a seasoned gym lover or bodybuilder, man or woman, young or old – you will find your place here!

Visit the gym and speak to any of the trainers to enquire about how they can assist you to achieve your goals. It is never too late to start.

Registration fee R 225
Month to month R 340
Under 16 & Pensioners
3 months R 330
6 months R 280
12 months R 260
24 months R 250
3 months R 330
6 months R 320
12 months R 280
24 months R 260

Fitness isn’t some hobby like boating or rock climbing that you try to make time for after work or on weekends. Fitness is a way of life. And the goals you set for yourself should dictate how you live it. Because everything you do, from how much you sleep to the foods you eat, is either helping you achieve your goals of getting in the way of them. Fitness is measured in kilograms, centimetres carbs and daily percentage. Some call this obsessive, but they’re wrong. An obsession is something you have no control over. Fitness, on the other hand, demands complete discipline – both inside and outside the gym.

• Mondays to Fridays: 5am – 9 pm
• Saturday: 6am – 1pm Sundays: 6am – 9am
• Public holidays: 7am – 11am

Units 12 -14, Speedy Square, 72 Buffelsdoorn road, Klerksdorp
Contact numbers:
082 903 8018/066 248 2874

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